2013 – Travel behaviour turning points

Chatterjee (2013) develops a conceptual model for turning points in travel behaviour where life events (and/or external changes to travel environment) trigger consideration of behaviour and behavioural change is contingent on personal history, intrinsic motivations and facilitating conditions in the environment. This is founded on the argument that life events can alter the roles that people perform within their family and social networks, alter the values people hold, alter the resources available for travel and alter the context for travel.

Key References

Chatterjee, K., Sherwin, H. and Jain, J. (2013) Triggers for changes in cycling: The role of life events and modifications to the external environment. Journal of Transport Geography, 30.

Chatterjee, K., Sherwin, H., Jain, J., Christensen, J. and Marsh, S.(2013) A conceptual model to explain turning points in travel behaviour: Application to bicycle use. Transportation Research Record

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