2003 – Mobility biographies

The mobility biography is defined by Lanzendorf (2003) as ‘the total of the longitudinal trajectories in the mobility domain’  i.e. a representation of the evolution of travel behaviour and mobility tool ownership (cars, bicycles, public transport season tickets) over time. The mobility domain is proposed as one of three life domains – the other two being the lifestyle and accessibility domains.  Life events are placed in the context of habitual behaviour which forms in stable circumstances and can therefore be interrupted by the occurrence of life events.  Lanzendorf (2003, p.1) notes “that at certain moments in individual’s life the daily travel patterns, the car ownership or other mobility characteristics change to an important degree”. Events occurring in one domain are acknowledged to influence behaviours, events and decisions occurring in the other two domains e.g. moving home (occurring in the life style domain) may affect commute mode choice or car ownership decisions (being made in the mobility domain).

The mobility biography adds a more explicit time dimension to the updated decision hierarchy put forward by Salomon and Ben-Akiva, and draws on the life course perspective.

Key Reference

Lanzendorf, M. (2003) Mobility biographies. A new perspective for understanding travel behaviour. In: Anon. 10th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, Lucerne 10th August 2003. The International Association for Travel Behaviour Research, pp 1-20.

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