Kiron Chatterjee


Kiron is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Transport & Society (University of the West of England, Bristol). He is the Principal Investigator for the life transitions project. Kiron is pioneering the use of longitudinal methods and analysis to understand travel behaviour. This involves both quantitative and qualitative data. Previously, he led an EPSRC project Investigating Travel Behaviour Dynamics and Their Incorporation into Transport Models which involved a four-wave panel survey of the travel behaviour of residents before and after the introduction a new Bus Rapid Transit system and developed dynamic choice models to predict the effect of the new system on bus use. He is currently responsible for the design of social research in a four-year evaluation study of DfT’s investment programme in cycling. Biographical interviews have been used in this project to understand the circumstances in which people start and stop cycling. A panel survey has been conducted to measure behavioural change.

Further information on Kiron’s current activities is available here.