Outputs: Life Transitions and Travel Behaviour

Read about the key findings from the Life Transitions and Travel Behaviour study in our ‘Evidence Summaries’ Detailed results are reported in the ‘Academic Papers’.

Evidence Summaries

Evidence Summary 1 – Household car ownership and life events
Evidence Summary 2 – Drivers of change to commuting mode
Viewpoint Article –  Chatterjee, K. and Clark, B. (2015). The facts are clear – life events change travel behaviour. Policy-makers please take note. Local Transport Today, 679. p. 18. ISSN 0962-6220

Academic Papers

Clark, B., Chatterjee, K., Melia, S.  (2016). Changes to commute mode: The role of life events, spatial context and environmental attitude. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 89, p.89-105doi:10.1016/j.tra.2016.05.005. Published paper.
Clark, B., Chatterjee, K., Melia, S. (2015).  Changes in level of household car ownership: The role of life events and spatial context. Transportation, 43(4), pp.556-599. ISSN 0049-4488.  Published paper.
Chatterjee, K. and Scheiner, J. (2015). Understanding changing travel behaviour over the life course: Contributions from biographical research. Resource paper presented at the 14th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, Windsor, UK, July 19-23. Conference paper.
Clark, B. ,Chatterjee, K., Lyons, G. (2015). Towards a theory of the dynamics of household car ownership: Insights from a mobility biographies approach. In: Scheiner, J. & Holz-Rau, C. ed. Mobility Biographies and Mobility Socialisation. Wiesbaden: Springer-VS. Published chapter.
Clark, B., Chatterjee, K., Melia, S., Knies, G., Laurie, H. (2014). Life events and travel behaviour: Exploring the inter-relationship using UK Household Longitudinal Study Data. Transportation Research Record. 2413(2). Pre-publication version.

Policies and Actions

Policy Matrix – Mapping study findings to policy goals and actions

Slide Packs

Slide Pack 1 – Changes in car ownership and the role of life events and spatial context
Slide Pack 2 – How life events prompt changes in the commute to work


Life Events as Opportunities for Behavioural Change – presented at University College London Transport Institute seminar on ‘Travel behaviour change: bringing the latest academic research to bear’ on 21 September 2015.
End of Project Seminar Slides – presented at our end of project event hosted by the Department for Transport on 16th June 2014.


Life Events and Travel Behaviour Poster – presented at the Transportation Research Board conference in Washington D.C in January 2014.
Project Inception Poster – presented at the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative networking event in June 2013.


Understanding Society (waves 1 to 3) with Geographic Accessibility – A bespoke linked dataset generated during the project and deposited in the UK Data Archive.

General Interest

Timeline – A history of longitudinal travel behaviour and life event related research