Outputs: Commuting & Wellbeing

Read about the key findings from the Commuting & Wellbeing study in our Final Report and one page summary flyer.

Summary of Findings

Final Report: The Commuting & Wellbeing Study – Understanding the Impact of Commuting on People’s Lives
Flyer (1-page): The Commuting & Wellbeing Study – Main Messages

Academic Papers

Clark, B., Chatterjee, K., Martin, A., Davis, A  (2019). How commuting affects subjective wellbeing. Transportation, p.1-29. doi:10.1007/s11116-019-09983-9Published paper.


End of Project Showcase: Hosted by Department for Transport on 11th September 2017

Policies and Actions

Employer Briefing Note – Highlighting how employers can facilitate healthy and happy commuting

Evidence Bulletins

Bulletin 1: Research Design – Technical Appendix
Bulletin 2: How and Why Commuting Influences Life Satisfaction – Technical Appendix


Project Inception Poster: Presented at the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative networking event in February 2016