The facts are clear – life events change travel behaviour

This is the headline of a Viewpoint piece we  published in Local Transport Today based on the findings of the Life Transitions project. In the article we refer to Phil Goodwin who suggested people might have other things on their mind than reconsidering their travel behaviour when major events occur in their lives. It is therefore not a given that travel behaviour is more likely to change at these times. We summarise the results of our research which found (for almost all of the life events examined) that people experiencing life events are more likely to change travel behaviour than those who do not. You can read the article here.

It encourages transport professionals to contemplate how their policies and practices can be enhanced by recognizing the importance of life events as moments where behaviour is reconsidered. We have also provided some specific suggestions ourselves of how policy goals and actions can respond to our findings (drawing on insights from our earlier policy workshop). These are summarised in a policy matrix available for download from the Outputs page.